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Security Analytics Platform

holistic cybersecurity monitoring and incident management
You can easily build your own custom company-oriented Security Analytics Platform as application level of SAF. It means that base Security Analytics Platform features (such as investigation security events, security incidents response, data discovering, threat hunting, etc.) are realized in SAF by-design and out-of-the-box.

Bundle demonstration


Using SAF Asset-Service-Model toolkit, you can create auto-generated compliance views. It looks like Big Picture Health Model of the cybersecurity eco-system and drill down to raw metrics and indicators (for example host EDR agent status, Firewall traffic incident, AD password policy failure and much more).

This approach helps to realize root-case analysis and dramatically save time to detect and solve problems in IT and cybersecurity infrastructures. It helps security teams to track and report on regulatory requirements. SAF allows creating as many role-based compliance models as you need.

Next Generation Security Operation Center

Security Analytics Platforms the core element of Next Generation Security Operation Center (NGSOC) and new market definition product class by Forester version (Q3 2022 report).

SAF is the best security operations tool to centralize data for SOC use cases such as compliance, alerting, and response. As a Security Analytics Platform SAF converges logs from network, identity, endpoint, application, and other security relevant sources to generate high-fidelity behavioral alerts and facilitate rapid incident analysis, investigation, and response.

SAF can be used for detection, investigation, and response processes with SOAR and TIP integration.

    Track and manage the life cycle of incident

    SAF provides high-quality security analyst experience through complete, contextualized incident response workflows, from alerting to investigation and response.

    There are main SAF features in Security Analytics Platform use case:

    • Detecting and alerting on cyberattacks across all source types and integrated logs
    • Evaluating alerts and incidents based on significant deviation from typical user behavior
    • Retrospective search over stored data for artefacts related to a threat-hunting hypothesis
    • Security analytics, incident detect and response, alerting
    • Building custom visualization based on correlation rules

    if you are interested in the Cybersecurity Bundle,
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