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search anywhere framework

universal monitoring platform for collection, analytics, and visualization of any machine data type

helps IT staff and business users ask questions to corporate machine data and get human-readable answers

SAF allows reusing different current datastores (Hadoop, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, ClickHouse, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, etc.) and organizing a transparent search across all of them without reindexing data. That’s what we call search anywhere technology, an exclusive product feature.

By layering data analytics over these datastores, organizations can consolidate IT operations, business and cybersecurity data in one place, thereby offsetting costs for data storage with other business units. This approach could help companies to optimize Total Cost of Ownership of their monitoring tools and transform isolated datasets to one hybrid eco-system with a powerful search engine and a visualization framework.


data indexation
SAF has no limits to process your data. Cluster scalable architecture is ready to index more than 1 Petabyte per day.


commands and operations
SAF search language makes it possible to build flexible complex correlation rules. You can ask your dataset on the fly and use pipes to add powerful analytics inside your searches.


correlation searches
SAF can realize business-case custom solution (SIEM, IT Ops, DevOps Monitoring, etc.) with a combination of out-of-the-box featured modules and predefined correlation searches.

search anywhere framework allows consolidating:


all machine data from any sources and different datastores


key features of different IT Ops, cybersecurity and BI solutions and monitoring tools

client use cases

bring value from the data for business users, IT administrators and CISO

why SAF?

SAF allows reusing corporate data storages and making the cost-effective Virtual Date Lake with the transparent powerful search anywhere technology
elevate corporate knowledge sharing. Knowledge Center – a dynamic SAF hub for knowledge utilization, bridging the gap between human intellect and machine-generated insights
by harnessing our search units, we bring the Enterprise platform's power into the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Even with limited budgets, you can transform data into insights and solutions
you can collect all types of machine data in one place and ask this data any question using a special search language
SAF makes it possible to replace many stand-alone monitoring tools, achieve the most optimized architecture and reduce TCO
with SAF you can realize many Data-Driven usecases for different corporate departments at the same time. Let's cut expenses!

let data speak freely

we help your Company to understand
what data talk about!

Key Features

  • On-premises installation:

    By default
    SAF by default is installed on-premises in the client infrastructure and collects all data into the corporate dataset. It’s the most private way to save inhouse all logs, incidents, dashboards and have total control over the client corporate information.
  • SaaS Mode:

    Cloud Service Provider
    SAF also could work as the core of Cloud Service Provider monitoring tool in the multitenant mode. SAF may shift to cloud-hosted or cloud-native SaaS offerings to improve scalability, provide flexible data storage, and reduce maintenance requirements for end users.
  • Client Customization:

    Visualization and active response
    Search Anywhere Framework has an open flexible interface to create your own correlation rules, customized dashboards, and different types of alert actions (scripted active response, email/messenger/SMS notification, Service Desk integration, Rest API, etc.).
  • Scalability:

    Vertical and horizontal scaling
    SAF uses virtual machines (with any type of commercial hypervisors) for vertical and horizontal scaling. You can easily manage monitoring capabilities, adapt SAF installation to current dataflow by several clicks.


modular solution for Cybersecurity, IT Ops, and Compliance


Security Analytics Platform

Security Analytics Platform as a SAF Bundle, designed for holistic cybersecurity monitoring and incident management. At its core, it offers out-of-the-box features such as security event investigation, incident response, asset management. Enhanced by the SAF Asset-Service-Model toolkit, users benefit from panoramic health model of the cybersecurity ecosystem that can be drilled down from the dashboards to the raw data. From custom visualizations and behavioral alerting to comprehensive incident workflows, the platform epitomizes the next phase of security operations.

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Bundle Modules

IT Ops

IT infrastructure monitoring

IT Operations Bundle offers a streamlined approach to holistic IT management, simplifying the intricacies of monitoring everything from server health to MS Exchange diagnostics. As your guiding light in IT management, it not only provides essential tools but also empowers you with data-driven insights, incident management, and automatic network mapping to bolster your IT decisions. Delve into the future of IT operations, unifying resources, enhancing performance, and ensuring infrastructure stability like never before. Begin your transformative journey to IT excellence with this comprehensive bundle.

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IT Ops

IT infrastructure monitoring


the pinnacle of compliance management

Compliance Bundle represents the essentials of Data-Driven compliance management, seamlessly fusing automated assessments, incident management, and asset centralization. Users benefit from an intuitive Asset-Service Model, offering a comprehensive visualization of compliance metrics and indicators. The bundle's adaptability ensures holistic oversight, from business processes to regulatory adherence, complemented by its robust Incident Manager module.

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the pinnacle of compliance management

Pipe TwinTech

transforming pipeline maintenance with data

Pipe TwinTech Bundle lets to create a digital twin of the pipeline system with all data about the pipeline system, conduct a complex pipe conditions analysis of the pipeline system technical conditions and identify patterns of development of corrosion defects, forecast the development of corrosion in pipes, reduce investment costs for maintenance and diagnostics. Pipe TwinTech will allow to identify each such pipes and use the full technical resource of each pipe included in the system.

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Pipe TwinTech

transforming pipeline maintenance with data


  • Core

    the central unit of the Search Anywhere Framework
    The Core Module is the central unit of the Search Anywhere Framework, orchestrating the interaction among its various components and providing a unified access point to their functionalities.
  • Incident Manager

    a comprehensive solution dedicated to the life cycle management of incidents
    The Incident Manager module serves as a comprehensive solution tailored for the lifecycle management of incidents across various domains, including information security, IT infrastructure, abnormal user behaviors, and business process errors.

    Its core function is to efficiently capture significant events and categorize them as incidents, providing organizational streamlining and equipping users with tools to effectively handle identified incidents.
  • Inventory

    asset formation and management tool
    The Inventory module allows users to create a unified database of users and assets, including servers, workstations, network devices, information systems, and objects in a cluster infrastructure.
  • Compliance

    asset formation and management tool
    The Compliance module revolutionizes regulatory conformance by automating and streamlining assessments through a Data-Driven approach.

    Moving beyond traditional methods, this module captures machine data from various sources, providing a holistic dashboard view of an organization's compliance.

    apply various MITRE ATT&CK usage scenarios in the protected infrastructure
    The MITRE ATT&CK module equips organizations to effectively deploy multiple MITRE ATT&CK use scenarios within their infrastructure.

    Users can evaluate their toolsets coverage of ATT&CK techniques, craft specialized threat models tailored to their IT landscape components, and detect potential technique use based on data source events.
  • Cyber Security

    a large database of correlation rules and functional dashboards for detecting and preventing incidents
    The Cyber Security module enriches the Security Analytics Platform with curated content.

    It encompasses ready-made correlation rules, incident detection mechanisms, response playbooks, configurations to integrate any security tool with SAF, and pre-installed dashboards, all delivered in the form of periodic content updates.
  • Network

    automatic collection and analysis of equipment and communication data
    The Network module is designed to monitor network equipment and respond to possible changes in the network and configurations of network equipment.
  • Servers

    an in-depth, automated view into server health and performance
    The Servers module monitors and analyzes server processes, resource usage, including CPU, memory, and disk activity, aiding in optimizing resources and preventing inefficiencies.
  • Microsoft Active Directory

    control of the main domain services and user accounts
    The Microsoft Active Directory module seamlessly manages critical domain services, overseeing user accounts with precision.

    It provides control over pivotal aspects such as identifying the domain and local administrators, sending notifications for account additions or removals from specific groups, and pinpointing accounts that have been inactive for a designated timeframe.
  • Microsoft Exchange

    analysis and control of the mail server data flow
    The Microsoft Exchange module seamlessly manages key functions of the primary mail server services.

    It facilitates in-depth analysis of email traffic, allowing users to track senders and recipients while identifying spikes in activity. The module also conducts thorough audits of mailbox access, detecting instances of mail forwarding, auto-replies, and other related activities.
  • Netmap

    analysis and control of the mail server data flow
    The Netmap module streamlines network topology understanding by analyzing events from network devices to identify and categorize them, further detailing their connections, ports, and interfaces.

    It auto-discovers network topologies by leveraging MAC address tables, ARP tables, and the LLDP protocol, pinpointing vendors and hostnames of connected devices. Beyond this, the module alerts users to network topology changes, like the discovery of new devices.

About Us

SAF Systems provides solutions and professional IT and cybersecurity monitoring, data discovery, business analytics services.

SAF Systems – Emirates startup is based on 15 years professional experience of our international team. Our expertise and focus – data discovery and complex IT/BI/Cybersecurity monitoring projects.

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