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automatic collection and analysis of equipment and communication data

the network module

is a robust tool for meticulous network monitoring and management. It auto-collects and analyzes equipment and communication data, allowing for swift issue detection and response.

Resource tracking ensures optimal device performance and prevents inefficiencies, reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, the module's oversight on configuration changes and access history fortifies security, safeguarding against potential breaches and unauthorized equipment access.

Module is designed to monitor network equipment and respond to possible changes in the network and configurations of network equipment.

key features


Automatic collection and analysis of information about the status of network equipment, communication channels, and connected devices allows SAF users to instantly obtain information about the operability and performance of the network and respond to emerging issues and prevent possible failures.

control and access history to equipment

Module allows tracking who and when accessed the network equipment. This helps ensure network security and prevent unauthorized access or use of equipment.

control over changes in equipment configuration

Module allows tracking any changes in the settings of network equipment, including adding or removing specific commands or sections. This allows SAF users to control and manage changes in the network and prevent possible security breaches or incorrect configuration.

control over the use of equipment resources

Module allows optimizing the operation of devices (processor, memory, network interfaces, ports, fans, temperature) and preventing overloads or inefficient use of resources. This helps reduce maintenance costs and improve network performance.

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