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that suits all business sizes
Unlock the true potential of your data, effortlessly manage your IT transformation needs, and control your costs like never before with the SAF pricing model. Embrace the future of tailored affordability. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter pricing. No strings attached.
Your transformation journey starts here.
Tailored Precision, Cost Efficiency

Embrace a pricing model that’s as unique as your organization. Our modular and bundles approach ensures you pay only for the functional set that directly addresses your practical requirements. Forget about overspending on unnecessary features and pick out a precision-priced solution that aligns with your IT infrastructure's data volume.

Empowering Innovation, Minimizing Cost

Introducing the groundbreaking concept of Search Units – a pivotal element in our pricing framework. By harnessing our Search Units, we bring the Enterprise platform's power into the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Even with modest IT infrastructures and limited budgets, you can now transform data into insights and solutions.

Enterprise Power, SMB Pricing

Witness a perfect blend of power and affordability. Benefit from limitless data searches, simultaneous user sessions, and a versatile user count – everything to apply a budget-friendly approach.

Limitless Scalability, On Your Terms

Scaling has never been this seamless. Our pricing model paves the way for both horizontal and vertical expansion, effortlessly accommodating your data indexing and storage needs. As you connect new data sources and tackle fresh challenges, you can increase your power by adding Search Units.


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