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analyzing events from network devices

the netmap module

streamlines network topology understanding by analyzing events from network devices to identify and categorize them, further detailing their connections, ports, and interfaces.

It auto-discovers network topologies by leveraging MAC address tables, ARP tables, and the LLDP protocol, pinpointing vendors and hostnames of connected devices. Beyond this, the module alerts users to network topology changes, like the discovery of new devices.

key features

network topology auto-discovering

The NetMap module collects information about connected devices and switches using MAC address tables, ARP tables and the LLDP protocol, while determining the vendor and hostnames of connected devices. Selects supposedly “not connected” directly to the Module switches, routers that should be connected to the poll.


The NetMap module allows organizing notifications on changes in network topology, for example, notifications when new network devices are discovered.

SAF eco system

The greatest impact and benefits of the NetMap module are realized when used in conjunction with other SAF modules. For example, information from the NetMap module can be a data source for Inventory module.

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