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use cases

some SAF projects: hightlights and indicators

Anti-fraud in an international retailer

cybersecurity retail
Goals: to build anti-fraud system for online and offline trading in a global household appliance retailer.

Challenges: fraudsters were using customer loyalty programs to commit fraud, causing financial and reputational damage to the company.

Results: a system has been built that fully covers fraud scenarios, resulting in a 97% reduction of financial losses related to identified incidents.

  • >$12 millions/year confirmed prevented financial losses
  • 100+ anti-fraud correlation rules
  • >1 million identified and prevented fraud incidents within one year

SIEM in High Tech Integrator for MSSP SOC

cybersecurity finance
Goals: SIEM integration, ArcSight replacement, enrich SOC functionality and flexibility.

Challenges: integrating retrospective searches, migrating and adapting correlation rules, and recreating dashboards.

Results: powerful inhouse platform for SOC L1, L2& L3 teams, incident management process.

  • 30+ members of SOC team
  • >300 correlation rules
  • any type of data sources

Anti-fraud in a distributor of consumer goods

cybersecurity retail
Goals: to build anti-fraud system for detecting fraud within the company.

Challenges: creating individual and group user profiles based on a variety of criteria and use machine learning to identify anomalies and analyze user transactions.

Results: principles for detecting fraudulent transactions have been implemented, allowing for early warning of fraud through the analysis of logistics and trade transactions.

  • 30+ anti-fraud correlation rules
  • >80 identified and prevented fraud incidents
  • 86% efficiency of the system in detecting fraud

Cybersecurity Situation Center for Industrial Holding

cybersecurity manufacturing
Goals: proactively monitoring, detecting, and mitigating cyber threats to ensure the safety and continuity of critical operations.

Challenges: integration with specialized application information systems and the effective identification and prevention of attacks on critical infrastructure.

Results: rapid deployment of a SOC within three months, successful integration of SOC into our business processes, and efficient workforce operations.

  • before 30, after 100+ correlation rules
  • 550% false positive decrease
  • 24x7 level 1 support

Anti-fraud in HR processes of an oil and gas company

business intelligence oil and gas
Goals: preventing the hiring of unqualified employees in violation of corporate policy.

Challenges: employee actions are recorded in multiple accounting systems. It’s difficult to control and it’s easy for fraudsters to bypass corporate hiring requirements.

Results: all IT systems for employees hiring are integrated into a single data lake. An analytics system has been established, which has helped minimize fraud in hiring personnel.

  • incidents of collusion between applicants and company employees are identified
  • >200 annual salary funds saved by detecting violations in payroll records
  • SLA related to employees hiring have been established

International Airlines: lifecycle SIEM implementation

cybersecurity transport
Goals: establishment of a corporate competence center for the detection and prevention of cybersecurity incidents.

Challenges: integrating specialized data sources, two-way integration with service desk systems, creating tailor-made content.

Results: operational SOC serving the holding company's from design to commercial SOC operations.

  • empowerment of the client's team to independently supplement and adapt SIEM content
  • development of a comprehensive knowledge center, including project and operational documents.
  • 24x7 level 1 support

Anti-fraud for trading activities of an industrial holding

cybersecurity manufacturing
Goals: to create a system for preventing corporate fraud in trading activities.

Challenges: it is necessary to automate the detection of risky events with analytics across all business processes and integration of various information systems.

Results: analysis of over 50 risky events in business processes. Data sources such as SAP FI, MOEX, Bloomberg have been connected for data enrichment.

  • >10 automated controls of trading operations
  • automated control of credit/deposit portfolio
  • automated control of over-the-counter transactions

Data-Driven preventive maintenance and diagnostic of O&G  transmission pipelines

business intelligence oil and gas
Goals: create a digital twin of the pipeline system with all data about the pipeline system (the results of the pipeline system diagnostics, information about electrochemical protection and other external factors affecting its operational reliability).

Challenges: gathering and integrating diverse data sources, such as sensor data, maintenance records, and external factors into a unified system can be complex and require standardization.

Results: reduce investment costs for maintenance and diagnostics of the pipeline system.

  • Plan of direct assessment and repair from 3 month, to 10 minutes for executive summary staff reporting
  • 30% cost reduction for pipeline service life in the long run
  • 98% accuracy of comparison of ILI inspections data

Operational performance monitoring for international financial service provider

business intelligence finance
Goals: evaluate the operational efficiency of employees through the Data-Driven approach.

Challenges: addressing the complexity of identifying business-critical actions of employees and constructing individual and group profiles effectively.

Results: effective workload balancing for over 3000 employees, reduction in overtime and labor cost expenses.

  • 7-10% employers' utilization enhancement
  • from days, to minutes for executive summary staff reporting
  • 8 branches in different time zones

Anti-fraud of internal processes for international bank

cybersecurity finance
Goals: comprehensive analysis of the activities of employees handling customer inquiries.

Challenges: building profiles of employee actions based on banking system operations. Identifying patterns of fraudulent activities using machine learning.

Results: employee profiles based on multiple criteria have been built. The process of detecting and preventing fraud with customer data has been automated.

  • 30+ controlled profile parameters
  • 100+ anti-fraud correlation rules
  • >1,1 million identified and prevented fraud incidents within one year

Call center optimization for international telecom operator

business intelligence telecom
Goals: improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the call center operations for an international telecom operator by implementing a Data-Driven approach and machine learning to optimize IVR scenarios and reduce staff costs.

Challenges: making call topic hypothesis based on customer experience background.

Results: reduce call center operational cost with Data-Driven approach and machine learning.

  • 51% reduction in the number of customer queries that require human operator assistance within one year
  • 5.3% reduction in staff costs
  • predictions for IVR scenarios

Network and server infrastructure monitoring for international bank

IT operations finance
Goals: reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for infrastructure issues through proactive monitoring and rapid incident response.

Challenges: managing and monitoring a vast and complex network and server infrastructure spread across multiple regions.

Results: reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) for infrastructure issues by 50%, minimizing downtime and service disruptions.

  • realized 23% cost savings by optimizing resource usage, reducing the need for emergency fixes, and preventing potential financial losses due to downtime
  • achieved a significant increase in system uptime, ensuring that critical banking services are available to customers 99.99% of the time.
  • reducing 75% alert fatigue among IT teams and allowing them to focus on critical issues

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