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apply various MITRE ATT&CK usage scenarios in the protected infrastructure

the MITRE ATT&CK module

equips organizations to effectively deploy multiple MITRE ATT&CK use scenarios within their infrastructure. Users can evaluate their toolsets coverage of ATT&CK techniques, craft specialized threat models tailored to their IT landscape components, and detect potential technique use based on data source events.

A visual interface showcases a matrix of tactics and techniques, facilitating the creation of relevant threat models. Furthermore, the built-in Risk Scoring mechanism enhances alert accuracy, ties rules to infrastructure components and users, provides additional context in detections, and maximizes an analyst’s investigation efficiency, allowing them to focus on grouped risks rather than isolated techniques.

key features

assessment of ATT&CK technique coverage

Users can assess how well their toolset covers MITRE ATT&CK techniques, helping identify weaknesses in defense and taking measures to enhance security.

creation of specialized threat models

SAF Systems allows the creation of specialized threat models tailored to an organization's IT infrastructure components, increasing the relevance of potential threat detections.

visualization of tactic and technique matrix

The built-in visual interface displays the matrix of MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques, simplifying the creation of threat models and defense analysis.

    risk scoring mechanism

    The integrated risk scoring mechanism enhances alert accuracy, associate rules with infrastructure components and users, adds context to detections, and optimizes analyst efficiency, enabling a focus on grouped risks rather than isolated techniques.

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