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microsoft active directory

control of the main domain services and user accounts

the microsoft active directory module

controls of the main domain services, controls of user accounts: who is the domain administrator, who is the local administrator, notification when adding/removing an account from specific groups, determination of accounts that have not logged in for a certain period of time. Notification of the need to change passwords. Control of Active Directory security events.

key features

domain service and user account management

SAF Systems provides complete control over domain services and user accounts, offering tools for effective Active Directory management.

monitoring and notifications

The module offers security event monitoring and sends notifications for critical events, such as adding or removing accounts from specific groups, identifying inactive accounts, and prompting password changes.

transparency and efficiency

SAF Systems provides transparency in account operations and maximizes domain management efficiency.

security compliance

SAF Systems assists in ensuring security policy compliance by monitoring access and changes in Active Directory and providing tools to respond to potential threats.

advanced monitoring

The module offers additional tools for monitoring and analyzing activity in Active Directory, helping to detect unusual or suspicious events.

flexibility and customization

SAF Systems allows customization of the module to meet the unique needs of your organization and your security policies.

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